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Lancer Door & Glass is happy to provide glass repair services to our residential customers. Broken windows or failed insulated thermopanes can increase heating and cooling costs by letting heat escape or enter your home.

Lancer Door & Glass will provide a free estimate for repairing your window in a timely and professional manner. Insulated glass units are available. Our professionals can also repair your broken or torn window screens.


A damaged residential window needed repairing. Lancer Door & Glass repaired the damaged window to a perfect finish

Protect your fine wood tables with a custom glass tabletop.

Cut and finished by our professionals to your furniture's specifications, high quality 1/4 inch plate glass tabletops protect your table from scratches, stains, and watermarks.

Beveled or rounded edges availabe to give your furniture a polished, elegant appearance.

Let Lancer Door & Glass repair or embelish your glass cabinet doors. A variety of glass designs are available to choose from. Samples of patterned glass are available at the Lancer Door & Glass offices.

Examples include:

Custom Built Aluminum Doors and Frames Seeded glass
Custom Built Aluminum Doors and Frames Textured Flutex
Custom Built Aluminum Doors and Frames Clear Glue Chip
Custom Built Aluminum Doors and Frames Crystal Flutes
Custom Built Aluminum Doors and Frames Pattern 62
Custom Built Aluminum Doors and Frames Rain Aquatex

Alternatively, have our professionals create etched art designs on regular glass cabinet door panels.
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